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Celtic Moon is a UK based online community for Pagans, Witches & Druids around the world.
Combining modern and traditional witchcraft with a Celtic flavour, we provide a fun and friendly environment within which to explore Paganism.
Our training circle meet monthly for study, magick, divination and to celebrate the sabbats.
We also hold ritual to mark moon phases and host divination nights to read tarot, runes, oracle cards and scrying.

Our website is updated regularly with learning resources, pagan news, moot photographs, art, poetry, ritual records and information about forthcoming pagan events.
Moots are held at our home, or on occasion as outdoor events in local woodland.

Celtic Moon Circle does not work skyclad (naked) nor do we have any rites of initiation or rituals involving sexual practices or conduct.
Celtic Moon Circle is not a Traditional Wiccan Coven, and as such, we welcome everyone of all Pagan paths to our website.

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Welcome to Celtic Moon

Merry meet and Brightest Blessings!
Welcome to Celtic Moon, and a new look for our website!

With much in our personal lives these past few months, including an unexpected move to a new home at Yule, and preparations for our soon-to-be arriving first child, our presence here at Celtic Moon has understandably been less than we would have liked.
Thankfully, with the mudane now easing back into a semblance of normailty, our time to enjoy the magickal aspect of our lives once again flourishes.
And we're very happy that, despite our required absence, Celtic Moon has remained a hive of activity, with members posting new photos and articles weekly, and new friendships blossoming. Your shared spirituality has been an inspiration to us during these complicated months, and we're touched that at the heart of Celtic Moon, are such lovely and friendly people! Love and hugs to you.  x

So, to the new website.
You'll notice it's more refined, with a simplified seasonal layout. This is to help us keep things fresh, and continue to post new articles and relevant material. Over the coming months, redundant posts will be edited out, and with the retirement of the less popular items, new features will be added. In the meantime, your comments and feedback will be very welcome (as always), while the website will remain a source of information and a place to share your spirituality and friendship with others. It's an honour for Breaca and I to be a small part of the growing Celtic Moon global community you've helped forge!

Blessings of the Season,
Peace and Light be yours.
Much Love, Vandrake /|\

(PS - Some areas of the website are still under maintenance. Please bear with us while we update and implement our changes. Thank You)


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New Members

At the moment Celtic Moon Training Circle has no places for new members, so only website membership is currently available.

However, there are plenty of learning resources and groups on the website where help is readily available.

Applications to join the Celtic Moon website are usually attended to within a week or two. Please check your mailbox for updates.

New members should visit here first...
 ...where you'll find information to help guide you around the rest of the website.

(Note - Unused accounts and inactive members are deleted from our site by our administrators every few months. This keeps our site a blossoming rose, and not a wilting one! So please be encouraged to take part in our discussions, forums, chat and social events and introduce yourself.

We look forward to meeting you :)

Our community is built on friendship, and here you'll find like minded people with a positive and genuine interest in Paganism, Witchcraft and Druidry and all forms of nature reverence.

Love, respect, caring and sharing. )O(

So when you join, please add a profile picture and feel free to customize your 'My page' (Go to the My Page tab, settings on the right hand side of the screen, select 'My Page' and scroll down to the appearances section.)

Enjoy the site!

And welcome to Celtic Moon!
Vandrake & Breaca

/|\                )O(


About Us

Breaca, Celtic Moon's Priestess and Founder.

Vandrake, Breaca's husband, and the Celtic Moon web site host.

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